Smiling Student in Lecture

ESOL English

Learn English with qualified, friendly tutors.

Hatha Class

Wellbeing & More


Tai Chi

Yoga Class for all Ages

Dance & Fitness

Keep fit for all ages and abilities.

Workers at Their Computers

Computers & More

Learn to use your smartphone, computer or tablet or improve your spreadsheet and word processing skills.

Cooking Eggs

Cookery & Nutrition

Cook fresh, healthy meals without a big budget.

Paper Craft

Arts & Crafts

From paper crafts to woodturning, jewellery making to embroidery, art for all.

Job Interview

Work Skills

Get back to work or improve your employability soft skills.

Man with Down Syndrome Playing Violin

Bespoke Training

Most courses are requested by groups, companies or charities who want something specific and often funded for their clients. If there is a course you would like for your group, please let us know.